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Registration & Login

Registration & Login Using Social Networks

You can register on using your Google or Facebook account easily and quickly by clicking on “Connect with Google” or “Connect with Facebook” which is displayed on the window following your click on “Login” or “Join Us”.

This step will create your account without going through the Email Address Verification step.

Registration With Your Email & Password

Fill out the registration form which appears after clicking on Join Us with your Full name, email and password. Your email must be a valid email, and your password must contain at least 6 characters.

When submitting the form, an email will be sent to you to validate your email address.

Email Validation

Upon receipt of the validation email, click on the “Confirm your registration” button to validate your email address.

If you have not received the validation email, click on the "Resend me the link" button that appears on your screen after you register.

If after 30 minutes you have not received any validation emails, contact our Live Chat which will validate your email manually after verification by the technical advisor.

Lost Password

If you have lost your password, go to the Reset your password page and enter your email address associated with your account.

You will immediately receive an email containing a reset link valid only for 30 minutes.

Click on the reset link which will take you to a reset page allowing you to enter a new password.

The new password must contain at least 6 characters. You must enter your new password again identically in the next box in order to confirm it.


New Subscription

In order to take advantage of Iberis's functionalities, you must choose a subscription which will be linked monthly / annually to your user account.

At the end of your registration, you will be taken to the subscription page in order to choose the subscription that suits you between the free pack, startup pack and professional pack. You can also access this page directly under your Name at the top right.

  • Free Subscription
  • If you want to test Iberis, choose the Free plan and click Next, you can enjoy your free subscription without any time limit.

  • Startup And Professional Subscription
  • Choose the startup or professional plan from the list of plans and choose Annual if you want to be billed annually or Monthly if you want to be billed monthly. Note that the annual billing for the startup plan gives you 2 months free while the annual billing for the professional plan gives you 3 months free.

    Click on next to go to the miscellaneous information form. Start by verifying your phone number by entering your phone number in the phone box and then click on Validate. You will immediately receive an SMS on your entered number with a 4-digit validation code. Enter the 4 digits received in the Code box and click Enter.

The following part relates to the billing data related to your subscription. Fill in your business title optionally and your address, state and zip code. This data will be used if you want to have an invoice for your subscription.

Click Next again to proceed to the subscription summary.

  • If You Have Chosen A Free Subscription, You Will Only Have To Click On Finish To Complete Your Subscription.
  • If You Have Chosen A Startup Or Professional Subscription, You Will Have Details Relating To The Total Amount To Be Paid. You Can Add Months / Years To Your Subscription By Changing The Quantity Box.

If you have received a promotional code, enter it in the discount box and click on Apply to have the new amount payable if the code is valid.

Once you have verified the summary, the quantity and the total amount, click on Pay to go to our partner PayMee allowing you to pay for your order by national or international bank card, by eDinar card or by your PayMee balance.

If the payment has been made successfully, you will be redirected to Iberis with a confirmation message, you will find that your subscription is automatically activated and functional. If this fails, please check your credit card / eDinar or contact your bank.

Renewal / Extend A Subscription

If Your Subscription Is Approaching Its Expiration Date, You Can Extend It By Going To The Subscription Page And Click On “Click Here If You Want To Extend Or Renew Your Current Subscription” Which Will Display A New Window Allowing You To To Choose The Quantity (in Months Or Years).

If You Have Received A Promotional Code, Enter It In The Discount Box And Click On Apply To Have The New Amount Payable If The Code Is Valid.

If You Subscribe To Iberis Suite Again Without Going Through The Extension Window, Your New Subscription Will Take Effect Immediately And Not On The Expiration Date Of The Old Subscription Which Will Be Terminated.

Then Click On Pay To Go To Our Partner PayMee Allowing You To Pay For Your Order By National Or International Bank Card, By EDinar Card Or By Your PayMee Balance.

If The Payment Has Been Made Successfully, You Will Be Redirected To Iberis With A Confirmation Message, You Will Find That Your Subscription Is Automatically Activated And Functional. If This Fails, Please Check Your Credit Card / EDinar Or Contact Your Bank.

It Is Important To Note That If You Take Advantage Of A Subscription That Allows You To Manage Several Companies And You Cannot Renew Your Subscription Before The Expiration Date + 1 Week, The Companies In Addition To Your Subscription Will Not Be. More Accessible.

My Active Sessions

On the active sessions page you can manage the active sessions you have on your devices. Each time you log into your account on Iberis Suite and your session has not ended, by logging out or automatically, you will find a related entry on this page.

If you want to end a specific session, click on the red circle to the right of the session in question to end it. If you want to disconnect everything, click the red Disconnect All button.

My Profile

You can change your name, photo, date of birth and gender from the My Profile page you find by clicking on your Name at the top right.

You can also change your password by inserting your old password (You will not see the “Old Password” field if you have logged in using a social network) and a new password that you have to confirm again on the next confirmation field. Click Update to update your password.

My Connected Services

To access the list of your connected services, click on your Name at the top right then on My Services on the displayed list.

If you use the connection or registration with a social network, you will find this network in question (Facebook, Google, ..) on the Connected Services page. You can disconnect one of the networks you want to disconnect and click on the red circle to the right of this network.

You can only disconnect from all networks if your account is password protected.

My Notifications

To configure the notifications you receive by email from Iberis Suite, go to My Notifications under your Name at the top right.

By default, all notifications are enabled. To deactivate a notification, you must first deactivate the option "Activate all notifications" and then deactivate the ones you want.

The “Login Notification” allows you to receive an email notification every time you log into your account. This will allow you to quickly terminate an unauthorized connection.

If you want to be notified when one of your companies will be deleted due to the limits of your current subscription, check the notification named "The company is ending soon".

When you send an invitation to a collaborator to join your dashboard and the collaborator does not respond to the invitation, that invitation is deleted. To receive a notification that it is about to expire, check the “Collaborator invitation expired” notification.

The notification under the name of "End of subscription" allows you to be alerted when your subscription expires. This notification will allow you to renew your subscription before limits are applied to your account.

When you open a Support Ticket to request help or assistance, the system will automatically send you an email notification to alert you when you receive a response or if your ticket is closed due to inactivity. To stop receiving these notifications, uncheck “Support Center”.

When the Iberis Suite platform is updated, or when we publish discount coupons, we send our users an email notification to alert them. This notification is usually very occasional. To activate these notifications, check “New & Updates”.

To update your changes click on the green “Update” button at the top right.